Junior Leader Food Booth Volunteer Sign Up

Junior Leaders and other volunteers sell food from the Wells County Farm Bureau 4-H Junior Leader Food Booth.  Numerous volunteers are needed and you do not have to be a Jr. Leader in order to volunteer.

Junior Leaders are required to work at least 2 shifts if at all possible in the Food Booth this year.  We have had trouble over the past couple of years of getting people to work the booth so we really need every Junior Leader to help.  Each shift is two hours long.  You can sign up for as many shifts as you want!  We also will need adult volunteers so please feel free to tell family and friends!

Help is also needed to serve food during the Rodeo

You can sign up at this link XXXXXXXXX  for the Food Booth you may call 824-6412 or come into the Wells Community 4-H Office.


For more information about the 4-H Junior Leader Club, go to the Club section of this web page.